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Fund your company’s growth in a matter of minutes with Péntech’s digital factoring service.

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Don’t wait for slowly paying customers anymore,
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The digital financial products offered by Péntech enable You to acquire reliable and quick funding for Your company. Do not worry about the confusing and lengthy administration / documentation process anymore. With Péntech, You can arrange Your funding from the comfort of your home or office.

100% online

The registration is free and completely online. After uploading a few documents, Your company (immediately) receives a tailored offer on our website.


For our existing customers, the payment can arrive within 24 hours, allowing us to provide a quick and reliable solution for Your company.


Request an offer for free, without any commitment! Our offer is tailored to Your company, with transparent fees and flexible terms. There is no minimum yearly volume and You can factor even from a low amount.

Digital factoring

Learn how factoring works and fund your open invoices online, without any paperwork.

Péntech Digital Factoring

Request an offer just by a few clicks after the free registration!

Additional services

Choose the type of funding that matches the goals of Your company perfectly.

Bank loans

Request a customized, state-sponsored loan offer online! We help you find the best opportunity that is most tailored to your company.

Claims management

Let us handle your outstanding invoices! You can start the collection process just by a few clicks, saving both time and money for Your firm this way.

Financial consulting

Get to know which form of funding is the most beneficial for Your company through free financial advice provided by our experts.


Get to know our customers

Péntech makes factoring, administration, and uploading of documents easy online. According to our foreign owner's experience, they're the Hungarian company with a factoring concept similar to Western Europe's practice.

Andrea Dandé


FIMA Global Ltd.

We've tried factoring at other companies before, but we've found ourselves facing endless paperwork. Péntech, on the other hand, offers a quick and easy solution that saves us a lot of time.

Zsolt Beliczay

Managing Director

Zimek Pálinka

We chose Péntech because of the hands-on and customer-oriented attitude. The administrators are always helpful and try to find a solution to our requests as quickly as possible. We feel that our opinion is valued, and they can resolve any issue that comes up.

Márton Oláh


Absorice Ltd.

"I choose Péntech because I can easily manage my company’s receivables with their digital factoring solution, enabling growth and financial stability for my company. Their customer support is always available and helps me to find the best solution."

Gábor Oláh


Daily Sale Kft.