Manage your
leasing digitally!

Finance your growth with external capital that you can now request completely digitally with just a few clicks!

Now it’s easier to finance your growth

Don’t buy, lease! 
Choose from our leasing products and submit your application digitally, making it easier and faster for your business to grow!

Vendor leasing

Product financing

Increase your sales volumes while developing your business relationships with digital vendor leasing.

Machinery and equipment leasing

Financing of machinery and equipment

Work with the most modern machines and tools without having to invest heavily, thanks to the digital machinery and equipment leasing.

Commercial vehicle financing

Financing of vehicles

Keep your fleet up to date with our digital commercial vehicle financing solution.


Immediate bill settlement

With Péntech, you can submit your financing application digitally in minutes and sign your leasing contract in a flash.

Predictable finances

Whether for a short or long term, Péntech provides your company a fast and reliable service so you can plan predictably.

Flexible solutions

We offer flexible contract conditions through our partners, tailoring the offer to the strategy of your business.

Transparent processes

Our contracts, processes and pricing are transparent, so that your business can plan ahead, relying on a secure financing solution.

Digital Leasing Calculator

Calculate how much digital leasing would cost your company with Péntech!

Mekkora összegre szeretnél lízinget igényelni?

How long do you need a lease for?


How much equity do you have?

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What type of leasing do you choose?

What should the residual value be?

The residual value in percentage terms determines what percentage of the capital remains to be paid in case of an open-end lease.

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Net lease payments payable

This is the amount you will have to pay each month


The Péntech calculator shows approximate values and does not constitute a recommendation. For a quote, please register on our platform and upload the necessary documents!