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Finance your outstanding invoices at the ease of clicking a button. With PénTech's smart factoring solution you can access your funds within 24 hours.

Quick and easy registration

After entering some basic information and identifying yourself you are ready to upload your first invoice. The entire process takes place online.

Low & transparent fees

We do not charge hidden fees. Finance your outstanding invoices from as low as 0.9% of the invoice amount, without any paperwork.

Payout within 24 hours

After the successful evaluation of your financing request we provide you with an offer immediately. If you accept the offer and all essential documents are uploaded the payout happens within 24 hours.

How does it work?

After a quick and easy registration process you can send a financing request with a few clicks. Payout happens within 24 hours, without any paperwork.

Sign up and invoice upload

Signing up takes only a few minutes. After entering your contact information and your company name we ask you to identify yourself. Once this is done, you are ready to upload your first invoice.

Automatic evaluation

Our credit scoring algorithm evaluates the financing request based on the entered information, uploaded documents and public databases. Depending on the outcome of the evaluation your company receives an individual financing offer.


As a next step we have to verify whether your invoice really exists and if the relevant information is correct. In certain cases we might contact your debtor.


If the invoice exists and all information is correct our financial partner handles the payout process to your company's bank account.


The invoice amount is payed by your debtor to PénTech’s financial partner at the end of the period.

For further information about the process please contact us or check out the FAQ page. gyakran ismételt kérdések oldalra.

Why is it better than traditional factoring?

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  • It is faster, easier, more transparent and more convenient than the traditional solution
  • You can even finance individual invoices
  • In case of successful financing request payout happens within 24 hours
  • All this completely online at low costs


Andrea Dandé

Operating Manager

FIMA Global Ltd.

Fima global

Az interneten keresztül találtuk meg a PénTechet. Társaságunk csak egy éve alakult, nincs lehetőségünk még hitelfelvételre, ezért faktorálási lehetőséget kerestünk üzletfejlesztéshez. Korábban próbálkoztunk más faktor cégekkel is, de azok túl bonyolultan kezelték az együttműködést, ezért nem jutottunk el a finanszírozásig. 

With Péntech factoring is very easy. We can manage everything online within a few minutes and we receive the financing amount within a few days . Our foreign owner believes that Péntech is the company in Hungary setting Western-European standards for factoring.

Azoknak, akiknek az üzlet fejlesztéséhez anyagi támogatásra van szüksége, csak ajánlani tudom a PénTech céget, hiszen nagyon rugalmasak, gyorsak és felkészültek! Nagyon meg vagyunk elégedve a Társaság szolgáltatásával, reméljük, hogy 2020-ban is együtt érünk el üzleti sikereket!

Smart factoring calculator

With PénTech's smart factoring calculator you can easily calculate the approximate costs that you can expect when financing your invoices.

Invoice amount

The entire amount of your outstanding invoice


Due date

Expected payment date of your invoice


Advance amount

This is the amount our financial partner pays out to your company's bank account within 24 hours.


Remainder (paid out after repayment)

This is the amount our financial partner transfers to your company's bank account once your debtor has settled the invoice


Total cost

The total cost of your financing



The PénTech calculator does not represent an actual offer

Reach out to us for a personal consultation with one of our experts!

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About us

Our mission

Péntech was founded to help SMEs in their financing needs. With our smart factoring solution we provide our customers with financial help via a quick, online and convenient process. This way our customers can focus on their core business instead of waiting for their outstanding invoices.

Our Story

Our founding team has been working on providing online financing solutions for SMEs since 2018. After almost one year of background work we have founded our company and joined the MKB Fintechlab accelerator program.

In 2019 we entered the Hungarian market and won numerous awards (e.g. FinTechShow, Be SMART, Startup Europe Awards Hungary) and signed multiple cooperation agreements.

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Berényi Benjamin péntech

Benjamin Berényi


Benjamin is the CEO of Péntech. He used to work at a Fintech startup in Berlin. Later, as a management consultant in Munich he supported financial institution in their digital transformation.

Péntech Csák János

János Csák, CFA, FRM


János is responsible for the finances and risk model within Péntech. He used to work in London at Prudential and later in Budapest he was among the first employees of Blackrock.

Réti Bálint péntech

dr. Bálint Réti


Bálint is responsible for legal matters and business development within Péntech. He completed his law degree in Budapest and used to work at a startup, a factoring company and a law firm through his career.


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Have you used factoring before?
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