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Fund your company’s growth in a matter of minutes with Péntech’s digital factoring service.

What else could your company do?

More than you could imagine. 🚀 🙂

With Péntech’s digital financing products, your company can get the financing that best suits its needs. It’s as if they were tailored to you.

100% online

The registration is free and completely online. After uploading a few documents, Your company (immediately) receives a tailored offer on our website.


For our existing customers, the payment can arrive within 24 hours, allowing us to provide a quick and reliable solution for Your company.

Flexible terms

Request an offer for free without any commitments! Our offer is tailored to Your company, with transparent fees and flexible terms. There is no minimum yearly volume and You can factor even from a low amount.

Péntech digitális faktoring

Our digital financing services

Browse our digital marketplace and choose the digital solution that best suits your business!

Digital Factoring

Factor your company’s invoices digitally and receive your revenue immediately.

Digital Leasing

Choose digital leasing to grow your business quickly.

Beszállítói finanszírozás

Told ki fizetési határidőid és erősítsd meg beszállítói hálózatod a Péntech digitális finanszírozásával.

Digitális követeléskezelés

Kezeld lejárt vevőszámláid digitálisan, platformunkon keresztül automatizálhatod kintlévőségeid beszedését.


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