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We work with our partners for the success of Hungarian companies.

For accountants

Become our accounting partner to provide an even better service to your clients!

With our accounting partners, we help the liquidity of Hungarian companies through the implementation and use of our digital invoice factoring service.

Why should you
become a partner of Péntech?

satisfied customers

a successful financial strategy for businesses

commission after product offering

Is Péntech's idea ideal for?

your clients deliver to another company (B2B business)

especially useful for those who have large corporate partners

your clients’ customers pay with long payment terms (more than 15 days)

For consultants

Let's help the financial digitization of Hungarian companies together!

With our partners, we are working to help digitize the finances of the Hungarian business sector. Not only do we provide easy and fast financing alternatives, but we also offer the opportunity for stable operation, development and growth.

Why should you
become a partner of Péntech?

You can increase the additional options associated with your service

A simple and useful addition, thanks to which your clients can easily ensure stable operation for their company

Not only your clients, but you can also profit from the collaboration

Is Péntech's idea ideal for you?

your clients work in B2B business, deliver to another company

your clients often deliver to large corporate partners, in their case, Péntech’s product is especially useful

• your clients’ customers pay with a long payment period of 60-90 or even 120 days

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